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Weekly tip … (Winter check)

by John - December 15th, 2010.
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Have you lowered the water below the skimmer and made sure it has not filled back up again with the rain.

Did you drain the heater, filter and pump if they are not protected from freezing.

Did you give the summer cover a good wash before putting it away.

Have you added a long term winter algaecide.

An occasional walk up the garden to check the swimming pool could save problems come the spring.

Do not try to dislodge your summer cover from the ice, as one customer tried this week. If you have not removed it and fitted your debris cover, then as soon as there is a full thaw get the summer cover off, give it a good wash down, dry it and pack it in a sheet of polythene and store away. Better if you can hang it from the garage or shed roof than lie it on the floor for mice to settle in for the winter.

If you do not have a debris cover, please give this serious consideration, one at least has been known to save a horse from entering a swimming pool.

To help relieve frost and ice pressure on the pool, part fill empty 25 litre containers with gravel to allow them to float half out of the water. As ice forms the tubs will crush and help take the pressure off the walls.  With ice in the pool and frost in the ground it is said by many in the trade that this helps compensate pressure either side of the vertical wall.  So it is advised to lower below skimmers but not to empty a swimming pool through the winter.