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Pool Accessories

Choosing a swimming pool is like choosing a car, you can have a Mini or a Rolls-Royce or perhaps something in between like a Mercedes SL and then of course what extras do you want?

We have outlined swimming pool types, but then there are so many add-ons today, you can be spoilt for choice.

Underwater lighting
Halogen, Fibre Optic or LED
Once  it was either a  12 volt  300 watt bulb, a bit like an old Morris Minor head lamp or nothing. Today the choice is vast, but the one light system coming out on top seems to be the LED.
LED’S may be more expensive at present, but as the competition grows, I feel sure they will available at a more competitive price. Remember the first FAX machine – over £1000.00p and eventually down to less than £100.00p.
Two main options with LED’s. Either plain white light or a system built up of several coloured LED’s offering over 20 setting combinations or auto colour changes. These come complete with a control unit and an optional push button changer or a hand held remote. All systems

Safety anchors and floating safety rope.
Cup anchors are usually built in at the point where the shallow end floor meets the transition to the deep end. A nylon rope fitted with plastic floats can be clipped in to same, enabling the swimmer to see they are approaching the end of shallow water.

Counter current swimming unit.
Lots of choice from many manufacturers. Ideal in a small pool to allow swimming against a current of water, without having to turn round. In theory you could swim the channel  in a four metre pool. Also ideal for body massage, as grab rails can be fitted and with some models a massage poker is available. The latter plugs in on a hose connector to allow targeting of specific areas of the body.

Automatic built in cleaning jets.
Pop up nozzles that rotate in sequence from the shallow end down to the deep end, washing particles off the floor and to the filters via the main drains.

Massage station.
A perforated grill in stainless steel. Round, square, snake, rectangular. Fed by an air blower via an anti syphon loop, air bubbles from around 40 m3 per hour to 170m3 per hour. Set  into the swimming pool floor or a built in bench.

Mosaic mural
Any photograph, picture, drawing or pattern turned into either a grid form or hand cut mosaic mural. Coat of Arms, initials, dolphin, mermaid, rope and anchor, favourite football club. You name it and we can come up with a design presentation prior to making.

Key pattern
Think Roman or Greek and you imagine key patterns on vases, plates, buildings and of course swimming pool floors and walls. Normally set above water line on the “freeboard” area. Choose from lots of existing designs or borrow one of our pallets and design your own. We make grid form and hand cut key patterns.

Vertical swimming pool ladders with stainless steel handrails and treads. The top tread is a double width tread so there is no danger of anyone getting their foot down a gap. Lots of choice. 2,3,4 and 5 tread, split ladder and handrail to allow a thermal cover to be positioned over the swimming pool without the problem of dragging it around a fixed vertical ladder.

Where easier access is required, or for wheelchair access, a ramp with stainless steel handrails can be incorporated into the design of the swimming pool shell

If space is at a premium, a hoist may be considered instead of a ramp. Hydraulic models can be powered from a hose pipe  connection. Seat and body board types are available. Some are fixed in  a specific position, others are portable.

Roman End Steps / Walk in steps
Besides really setting a rectangular pool off, a Roman End step section to one end makes access much easier. Walk in steps can be set in a corner as a quadrant or at 45 degrees, built outside on any side of the pool, but unless they are at the opposite end to an automatic cover, there is no way of covering them easily. What is more with a plastic slatted cover, this can float into a recess at the other end and with a ledge or handrail to perimeter can become a safety cover as well as a thermal cover.

Fibre optic perimeter lighting
Multiple strands of fibre optics set in a clear tube, fixed to the perimeter just below the copings. Light box is external to pool and can be set on one colour or programmed to change colour.

Diving Board
Real expert advice is needed if a diving board is a consideration. There are minimum water  depth requirements  and the distance forward from the diving board must also run at the minimum depth for a given distance. The perfect dive can send a person a long way or down  deep into the water. The area is known as the cage of safety and current regulations must be adhered to.

Lots of options and sizes. Left or right curve, straight,  small to large. Normally with a water feed to cut friction. A minimum water depth for swimmers to drop into. Watch the ceiling or roof height. Consider a six footer climbing up to the launch pad.

My grandson’s favourite – a radio controlled boat
Need I say more?

Ballroom floor
Installing a floor into the swimming pool adds another dimension to the room. One client used to hire in a marquee four time a year for various parties. Now he has the facility without the cost each time of hire and the reinstatement of his lawn after the events. The air handling system can cool or heat the room according to the time of year he holds his functions. Another client sometimes lowers the floor just enough to create a paddling pool depth for grandchildren. Every summer they hold a charity function and the pool room is ideal for setting up the chairs and tables, without visitors having to access the main house.

Automatic cover
A thermal cover is NOT a safety cover.  Bubble covers and  foam covers are the most common  types of thermal covers. There is now a liquid thermal barrier that floats on the water surface and cuts down considerably on heat loss and therefore condensation. Covers mounted on a roller system at the end of your swimming pool do not look good, especially on an indoor swimming pool. If your budget will not run to the full installation, please at least build the pit with the swimming pool. The cover can come later.

Automatic covers on a new installation are housed in a pit at the end of the swimming pool or even in a pit in the pool floor. They are driven by low voltage motors.  Here the two main options are a plastic slatted cover, available in several colours. In conjunction with a 75mm ledge designed into the swimming pool or handrail to the perimeter on extended brackets, this cover then becomes a safety cover.  The second option is  a reinforced tarpaulin  type material set with cables, fitted into a slot in the wall of the swimming pool or the surround floor. This is dragged on and off the swimming pool via a system of pulley’s and cables. A further version is driven by an hydraulic motor.  See www.oase.be for a selection of plastic slatted covers

Automatic vacuum cleaner
A mechanical model that plugs into the vacuum suction point or the skimmer and does random sweeps across the pool floor and in many pools also climbs the walls.
A stand alone model driven by it’s own pump housed in the plant-room and connects to a dedicated outlet fitting in the pool wall.
A low voltage electric model set on tank type tracks with a built in filter and collector for debris. Several models including a heavy duty remote control unit for free-form commercial swimming pools.

Underwater speakers
Quadraphonic if you like, but mainly used to direct sequence swimming groups.

Underwater cameras
A useful security tool linked perhaps to a reception desk.

Underwater window
Probably made famous initially by Billy Butlin on his holiday park swimming pools but still being built in for viewing from basement function rooms or restaurants

Light & Sound
Music systems can be linked to underwater  lighting to create a light sequence that will pulsate to the music.

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