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Pool Cleaning Accessories:

J W Green swimming pool cleaning kit.

  • Standard domestic deep net
  • Standard domestic shallow net
  • Light weight 8ft telescopic aluminium pole (extends to 16ft)
  • Standard domestic 10M x 1.5″ vacuum hose.
  • 18″ durable pool brush
  • Liner or concrete vacuum head


Swimming pool vacuum hose:

  • 10M x 1.5″ – £38.90
  • 12M x 1.5″ – £49.80
  • 15M x 1.5″ – £61.20
  • 30M x 1.5″ – £99.80
  • 30M x 2.0″ – £198.90

All vacuum hoses come complete with cuffs for connecting to suction points.

Mosaic swimming pool vacuum head.

Vacuum cleaner for concrete / tile & mosaic pools. 1.5″ hose on wheels with wishbone fixing

Liner swimming pool vacuum head.

Triangular, transparent vacuum head for liner pools, with wishbone fixing.

X-Large Swimming pool brush:
36inch swimming pool brush. Makes brushing the pool floor much faster than a domestic pool brush. Wishbone fixing to standard telescopic pole.

Automatic pool vacuum cleaner.
BOLERO ND – Auto suction cleaner. Works from your skimmer or vacuum point Complete with 12 x 1metre lengths of flexi hose.

Electric automatic vacuum cleaner.
PULIT E50 – Electic Auto Pool Vac for pools up to 12 metres long
Cleans floor, low voltage, energy and time saving, auto power off at end of cycle


The A-Z of building your own block and liner swimming pool.
Complete with a 24 page electronic manual in PDF format.
All equipment can be purchased in stages from us.
No need to buy it all at once, just buy as you build.
£10.00 (Free postage)

Swimming pool plant equipment:

Swimming Pool Pump – Victoria Plus Pump
Robust design with new generation easy to handle lid-locking nut.
Low noise level due to rubber padded feet.
IP 55 Motor protection.
Large capacity strainer basket.

Two phase

  • 1/2 HP – £570.00
  • 3/4 HP – £574.80
  • 1.0 HP – £595.20
  • 1.5 HP – £669.60
  • 2.0 HP – £680.40
  • 3.0 HP – £751.20

Three phase

  • 1/2 HP – £544.80
  • 3/4 HP – £561.60
  • 1.0 HP – £580.80
  • 1.5 HP – £645.60
  • 2.0 HP – £665.00
  • 3.0 HP – £751.20


Winter debris cover
Anchors are set into holes in surround paving, cover is tensioned over the swimming pool on stainless tensioner springs set on heavy duty straps.
Straps are set at 4 to 5 apart, anti chaffing strips to straps and corners
Cover needs to be 1ft (300mm) wider on each side and each end of the swimming pool
Contact us for freeform shape, Roman end or cut out section prices
Standard rectangular as above £1.56p per square foot.

Specialist lighting:

Floating pool and pond lights.
Our LED lights offer a range of changing colours, different intensities of white or candle effect.
Low power LED with polymer batteries. Polyethelene diffuser.
Available in three shapes:

  • Kokoon-Oval
  • Ballon-Circular
  • Platoon-Dome

£228.00 each

Mosaics and tiles:

Mosiac Design Grid:
[nggallery id=2]

J W Green Swimming Pools Ltd  mosaic mural grid is widely used by mosaic artists and designers to produce murals stage by stage. The grid is designed for use with 20mm x 20mm vitreous (glass ) mosaic tiles, the grid can hold 225 tiles in total, 15 tiles wide by 15 tiles high, made from an extremely durable glass resin polymer to ensure they can withstand rough working conditions.

Designs are broken down into 15 x 15 tile grid divisions, which can be combined to make large murals. Once the tiles are placed in the grid a piece of pre glued paper is fixed to their front face, the grid is then emptied by flipping the tiles on to a wooden board. Once dry these sheets are ready for fixing.

Specifications :

  • Size  – Approx 350mm x 350mm x 20mm
  • Weight : 1 kg
  • Tile size : 20mm x 20mm
  • Capacity  : 225 tiles (15×15)
  • Colour : Red / Blue / Black / White / Opaque (and many more)
  • Cost : £25.00p ex  VAT.   (£29.36 inc VAT) (+£5 UK postage) (+£10 EU postage)

Discount is available depending on quantity.
Designed and manufactured in house by our GRP division.

We also offer a special service to convert any photo into a mural, more details & pricing coming soon.

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