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Hot Tubs & Spas

The perfect place to relax from today’s busy world. Spa’s help improve blood flow and circulation, plus relief from everyday aches and pains.

Jacuzzi is a trade name and as many people say “They Hoover the carpet”, people also often describe a spa or a hot tub as a Jacuzzi.

Spas and hot tubs are the generic terms to describe or identify these products.

In general hot tubs and spas are similar.   Hot tubs tended to be constructed as is a wooden barrel, whereas spas are normally vacuum formed acrylic with GRP reinforced backing.

Whichever, they both come with filter, pump, motor, booster pump, heater and normally an air blower or at least a venturi fitting to draw in air to the water jets.

In a swimming pool project, many designers prefer for the spa to be constructed integrally with the swimming pool, with all finishes matching . We prefer to offer an acrylic shell into a concrete or block-work up-stand, mosaic the outside of the up-stand and the top perimeter to match the swimming pool. Acrylic shells are considered the most hygienic.

As a spa is run at a higher temperature than a swimming pool, it is very important to have separate filtration systems for each and not to mix the spa water with the pool water. This obviously calls for a larger plant-room, as all equipment for filtration is more or less doubled.

For domestic users and to save on plant-room space, the “portable” spa evolved. This stand alone unit normally house all the plant under the spa and is sold and set up as an up-stand spa.

Even with built in spa’s,  J W Green Swimming Pools Ltd prefer to see the spa set as an up-stand. This offers something of a feature to the overall scheme, is easier to access and more sociable.

Try walking into the floor where you are now standing – not easy. Whereas if the spa is built or set up to bum height, it is so easy to sit on the edge of the spa and swing over, or to talk with someone in the spa. If the spa is full in the ground and you are standing , then you are both craning your necks to look at each other. With an up-stand the angle is reduced and it is much easier for everyone to socialise.

Positioning a spa.
Talk to people across the Atlantic and you will not find many of them with the spa indoors. Whether it is California or The Rockies, spas are more  often found in the garden (yard). The figure for outdoor locations is round about 90%.   Imagine sitting under the stars on a frosty night, you snuggled down to your shoulders in your spa at 38 to 40 degrees,  steam spilling off, underwater lighting, mood lighting in the trees, good music, good friends – what could be better?

Swim spas
Fairly self descriptive.  Normally an acrylic shell three or four metres long, a counter current swim jet in the end wall with spa seating and massage jets at the other end or even in an integral moulded spa. With the counter current unit you can swim the channel . Very good for exercise.

Hydrotherapy has become a major part of modern day treatment. We know, we have built many hydrotherapy pools in hospitals and schools.

Before you rush off and buy a spa, question?

Do you have any medical condition or  are you pregnant? Check with your doctor first, there are some people that should not use a spa.  If in doubt ASK !!!!

A spa is not just a fun item, it has been proven by several bodies carrying out research into hydrotherapy, that there are several benefits in using a spa CORRECTLY.

That means not to over do it by staying in too long. To keep the water treated and  correctly balanced for your family health and to change the water frequently.

Many manufacturers say no more than every twelve weeks.  Sorry – not for me, I would want to see the water changed every four weeks max and it does not cost the earth. A domestic  spa holds on average around two cubic metres of water. To buy the water , using Severn Trent as an example is £1.3006 per M2.

So which one do you buy.

There are said to be up to seventy importers of spas into the UK. Many are well known brands, others are new to the UK market. Our chief concern when offering a spa is a ready supply of spares and back up. With this in mind we always try to offer a spa from a long standing supplier, with an established reputation in the UK.

An acrylic shell is considered the most hygienic. A closed surface, easy to clean, no cracks, crevices or joins to harbour any dirt. Available as a build in or an up-stand unit.

A fully reinforced mosaic spa

An acrylic shell ready mosaic-ed in the factory

The choice is your. BUT please remember, if it is for commercial use, it will require a much more robust filtration system than a domestic model.

Domestic spas primarily use cartridge filters, which can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced.

Due to the potential number of users that may pass through a commercial spa in any one day, then the filtration needs to be a serious piece of kit.

Please tell us how many people you want a spa for, whether it is for commercial  or domestic use and we can forward you some down-loadable brochures, technical information and prices, be it for an up-stand, portable or in-ground spa.


Whether you need replacement jets,  a new air blower,  heater,  thermal cover,  filter pump,  booster pump,  cover lifter please give us a call, drop us an email, preferably with pictures and any make or code number of the parts and if we haven’t got it, we can usually get it dispatched to you within a day. THAT IS of course unless it is some obscure spa that has long since not been imported to the UK,  spares for this may take a little longer, or we may be able to pipe in an alternative pump, blower or etc., for you.

Always buy a spare cartridge filter or filters when you buy your spa, this way you can change them over and leave the used ones to soak in a cartridge filter cleaner, without losing the use of the spa.

We understand that at present there are around seventy importers or manufacturers of spas, all trying to get a bit of the UK market. Dealerships and franchises can change numerous times, so it is important to get the name and address of the manufacturer every time, no matter where in the world the spa is made. ASK WHEN YOU BUY !