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Weekly tip … (Swimming pool winter damage)

by John - January 17th, 2011.
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Now that the worst of the winter weather has passed it might be worth taking a stroll up the garden and having a look around the pool and surround to see if there has been any damage to your pool. The cold weather can often cause tiles to crack and on older pools mosaics may need re-fixing. There is no real fool proof way to protect your pool from winter damage but regular checks and service are the best method for keeping your pool in optimum condition.

If your pool isn’t still frozen over add some chlorine to prevent it from turning green this will save you money in the long run as you wont need to shock dose the pool before opening it in the summer.

If you are an existing customer or live in the UK / Midlands we offer a complete pool / spa refurbishment service, from minor jobs to major restoration please contact us for more information.

We hope you all had a good Christmas

Happy new year from all of us.