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How useful are counter swim currents?

by John - March 11th, 2011.
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Yes sir, they are great!

What is a counter swim current ?
A counter swim current is a special water jet which is usually installed in  the wall of the pool. The water jet strength and direction can be adjusted, some models feature an air and water mixture for varying the strengths and effects of the  current.

What are counter swim currents used for?
Use it for massage, swimming against, as a water feature, or to bounce you round the pool while you lie on your inflatable and of course it is possible to have a pool just three or four metres long and swim for miles without even turning round.

You can plug a massage poker in or fit grab rails as extras.

How to install ?
Build the unit into the pool wall or buy an after market model where the motor is housed  in a unit on the pool side.

If you thinking of installing a counter swim current or just want some advice on your build contact us we’re more than happy to help.