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Weekly tip … (Ground Water)

by John - November 29th, 2010.
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If you are considering building a swimming pool, ensure your pool installer builds a pumping point below the base slab. This is an important feature. Whilst there may be no visible ground water at the time of the excavation, this could be down to seasonal change.  A low water table in the  summer and high water table in winter. Water tables and water courses alter over the years. The time may come when you will need to empty your pool. If the ground is full of water, you will need to pump this out first. Failure to do this can have catastrophic effects, in extreme cases pools have been reported to float out of the ground, causing serious damage to the shell, pipework and surrounding area. Ground water can also have a cooling effect on your swimming pool, this should be taken into consideration at design time and not left before its too late. By creating a pumping point an automatic submersible pump can be fitted. If the ground water rises, the pump switches on and water is controlled and kept down to a low level, thus helping to save on heating bills.

Insulation in all new swimming pool shells will soon be mandatory in the UK. Pool / spa insulation is another handy way of cutting down on heat loss and again saving money on energy.

These are often not considered on self / DIY builds, if you have any questions over the points raised please drop us a message via the form on the website or our twitter account, alternatively you can leave your comments below.