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Weekly tip … (Winter Poolside Safety)

by John - November 23rd, 2010.
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Ensure in the cold conditions over winter you keep your swimming pool secure from children and pets.

Grit the surround if you need to walk near the pool.

Never run around the pool especially in cold conditions.

If your swimming pool freezes over NEVER EVER WALK ON THE ICE … it takes less than sixty seconds in sub zero conditions for pneumonia to set in. Not only the extreme cold could kill you but getting trapped under the ice would be a much worse scenario.

NEVER turn on any plant equipment if you suspect any pipework or plant equipment contains ice / is frozen, this will damage your pool and probably make you cry ;0)

Make sure your plant has been closed correctly and all the equipment has been drained, you should also empty a little water from your pool, take the level down below the skimmers to ensure your pipework is not frost damaged. Make regular checks through the winter months to ensure the level is kept below the skimmers, rain and snow will keep filling the pool, a small submersible pump is a good investment.

We would also advise clients who don’t have a debris cover not to leave their thermal cover on the pool, thermal covers are more¬†susceptible to damage and fatigue in cold weather. Wind your cover on its roller, protect it with with some plastic sheets¬†(secured with bungee chords) and move to a suitable place for storage over the winter.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll have a great Christmas.

ps. A big thanks to Joe Rea for the photograph.