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Weekly Tip … (Buying a house with a pool?)

by John - September 25th, 2010.
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Most sellers will have the swimming pool in tip top condition when putting their house up for sale. We notice the house in a road with a pool often sells before the one without.

An attractive looking pool can clinch the deal. A sad neglected swimming pool can be very off putting or affect the price of the property.

Many absent sellers employ us to valet the pool on a weekly basis.

We have come across many home owners, who have inherited a swimming pool with their house, but have never been shown properly how to keep it in tip top condition.  To maintain a domestic swimming pool should take no more than around an hour a week. If it is taking you longer, you are probably doing something wrong.

The day you move you have loads on your mind, you are probably stressed out and the last thing you need, is to learn how to run the swimming pool.

My advice is don’t!

You either need the seller to agree to give you a good few hours  before you move in, or in the first week you are moved in.

There is just too much to take on board on day one with the house alone. Keys, window locks, alarm, stop tap and electrics,  so do not even try to learn what to do with the swimming pool  on the same day, or you will come to dislike  your pool and it’s plant.

The worst people to listen to about pool ownership are those that have never owned one. The second worst are those that bought a house with a swimming pool and were never shown how to look after it properly.

If you live within twenty five miles of Wolverhampton and are buying or selling a house with a swimming pool, J W Green Swimming Pools Limited offer to come along for the first visit, free of charge to the new owner, to outline on testing, water  treatment and general filter operation. This visit assumes the swimming pool to be fully operational, filter and pump running and the water clear, clean and treated. If it is an indoor pool, the air conditioning and the pool room and swimming pool heating also need to be fully operational.

If however you are buying a house with a swimming pool that is out of action, then we are still prepared to come along, but that would be to make observations, offer various options and quotations for getting it back into a clear and clean condition, repairs to plant and etc.

If it is not full then why not? If the plant will not run and the air conditioning does not work, it is not the end of the world, but in our experience, if the pool and it’s plant are not fully up and running, you are in for spending some money.

Give us a call.