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Weekly Tip … (Choosing a pool cover)

by John - November 16th, 2010.
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Pool & Spa Covers
You can choose from many options when it comes to covering your pool, but to simplify things a little we’ll cover the four main types. Each has its own purpose.

Thermal Cover
The most common type of pool cover used in the summer season to retain heat overnight or when the pool is not in use.

Debris Cover
The second most popular type of pool cover. These are used throughout the winter months to keep large debris and leaves out of the pool.

Safety Cover
Primarily designed for families with children or pets. These covers do exactly as the name suggests they are rugged covers designed to stop people and animals falling into the pool. A good investment if your pool is not located in a child / pet secure area or for insurance purposes at commercial installations.

Slatted Cover
Slatted covers are usually incorporated in the design of   swimming pools.  They are installed in a pit at the deep end of the pool and normally feature an electric motor to extend and retract the cover automatically. These can be fitted to existing pools but require rather extensive changes to the shell and surround, unless installed above ground and housed in a plastic or hardwood bench housing.