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Product review … (Mosaic Grid)

by John - May 6th, 2013.
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Mosiac Design Grid:
J W Green Swimming Pools Ltd  mosaic mural grid is widely used by mosaic artists and designers to produce murals stage by stage. The grid is designed for use with 20mm x 20mm vitreous (glass ) mosaic tiles, the grid can hold 225 tiles in total, 15 tiles wide by 15 tiles high, made from an extremely durable glass resin polymer to ensure they can withstand rough working conditions.

Designs are broken down into 15 x 15 tile grid divisions, which can be combined to make large murals. Once the tiles are placed in the grid a piece of pre glued paper is fixed to their front face, the grid is then emptied by flipping the tiles on to a wooden board. Once dry these sheets are ready for fixing.

Specifications :
Size  – Approx 350mm x 350mm x 20mm
Weight : 1 kg
Tile size : 20mm x 20mm
Capacity  : 225 tiles (15×15)
Colour : Red / Blue / Black / White / Opaque (and many more)
Cost : £25.00p ex  VAT.   (£29.36 inc VAT)
Discount is available depending on quantity.

Postage :
UK Postage : £5.00p
EU Postage : £10.00p
World Postage : Please contact us as price may vary depending on location.

We also offer a service to convert any photo into a mural, more details & pricing soon.

Designed and manufactured in house by our GRP division.