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Weekly tip … (Debris Covers)

by John - May 4th, 2013.
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If you have a debris cover, get it on the swimming pool now. If you don’t your pool will end up with a layer of leaves on the floor, which will stain a liner or marblite finish and at least stain the grout in a ceramic  or vitreous tile or mosaic swimming pool.

Some debris covers are fixed on springs to pop up anchors or on to stainless steel tent peg type fixings pushed into pre-drilled holes in the paving. Best to arm yourself with a drill, preferably a cordless one and clean out the build up of debris in the peg holes. Pop up anchors sometimes get jammed with fine dust and may need a wash out or a quick blast with a pressure washer jet to free them.

Before you fit the debris cover, ensure you have cleaned out the pool, removed all leaves and winterised the swimming pool and plant properly, dropped the water level and set some containers  part filled with gravel, into the corners and half way along the walls. No good filling containers with water, as this will freeze. If we do get heavy ice forming, the gravel will displace in the containers and hep alleviate the pressure on the swimming pool walls. We have non-returnable 20 or 25 litre Sodium Hypochlorite containers, which if well washed out are ideal for this purpose.