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Weekly tip … (Testing for chlorine)

by John - May 3rd, 2013.
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Testing your pool water is easy with a chlorine test kit. Firstly you’ll need to wash the water sample holder using pool water, this is done to avoid any contamination. Now to take the sample. The best place to take your sample is half way along the pool to ensure there is no bias. The reading is not taken near the inlets or skimmers. Your sample should be taken at about elbow depth (12″/30cm deep) this is to avoid a false reading on sunny days where chemicals may be at lower levels in the first 6″/12″ of water. Fill the sample holder to the top. Add 1 DPD No. 1 rapid dissolving test tablet to the chlorine side of the test kit, and one rapid dissolving phenol red tablet to the other side. Invert the test kit several times to dissolve the tablets do not shake the test kit. You should now observe a colour change. Using the charts on the test kit, compare the water sample to the chart and assess what action needs to be taken.

If the chlorine is low, dose appropriately to raise the levels.
If the chlorine is too high,  sodium thiosulphate can be used to lower the levels.
If the pH is low add pH+ to raise the levels.
If the pH is high add pH- to lower the levels.