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And may I introduce to you …

by John - February 27th, 2012.
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My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We like to think at J W Green Swimming Pools Limited that we can turn your dreams into reality.

Most of you only see the finished swimming pool, but in achieving this, there are many trades, skills and passions involved in getting to the stage, where the hose pipe is turned on and the first gush of water splashes on to the swimming pool floor.

Once you, your architect or swimming pool designer comes up with the almost  final drawings and specification, (because some things do change as the project progresses),  for the overall project, it is then and only then that we, the swimming pool  contractor, brings together all the specialist trades involved in creating the finished product.

We start with a lawn or vegetable patch, mark it out, oversee the excavation, contend with groundwater, running sand, rock, hidden obstacles such as drains, power cables, air raid shelters, in-filled moats, ancient remains of buildings, running springs, sub-artesian pressure, rubbish tips on old manor houses and as in one case on the North Norfolk coast, near to Cromer, were told to watch out for land mines.

In goes the blinding, the tonnes of steel reinforcement, the concrete base and shell, all the inlet and outlet fittings to make the water flow and help to keep your swimming pool water in tip top condition, the backfilling, the ductwork, mosaic fixing. surround flooring, air handling system, control panels, shower and changing room tiling and interior finishes to the pool hall.

We fill, run, test, commission and finally train you on general swimming pool housekeeping. After this, many people go it alone and look after their swimming pool very well. Others with a hectic life, employ staff and we train them how to look after the pool. Some people retain us on a regular basis to valet the pool and carry out the water treatment.

On most average domestic size swimming pools, it should take no more than around one hour a week to keep them in tip top condition. If you are struggling with water quality, then you are probably doing something wrong. If you took over from a previous

Whereas most trades within the building industry stick to one specific skill, such as brick laying or carpentry, your local swimming pool company will have a good knowledge of  all associated disciplines and be able to introduce to you,  several local trades people to call on, if needs be.